Following an open call for research proposals in 2019, VREF approved funding for eight exploratory, comparative research projects. The successful research teams represent 19 cities in 14 countries across the regions of sub-Saharan Africa. But Mobility and Access had already some projects since 2014 other on-going projects.

2022 projects (being implemented 2023)

2021 projects

2020 projects

2019 projects

Other Projects

  • Pedestrian-safe public transport systems: Infrastructure, operations, vehicles, policies, and legislation led by the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, with Prof. Geetam Tiwari as Project Leader
  • Public transport advocacy in African cities led by the Columbia University, New York, with Associate Research Scholar Jacqueline Klopp as Project Leader

Completed Projects


  • In search of a mechanism for institutional co-ordination in the planning process: a strategy for improved public transportation in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Project leader: Ahmad KANYAMA
    Host organisation: Royal Institute of Technology, Dept of Urban Studies, School of Architecture and Built Environment, Stockholm, Sweden
    Abstract: SP-2006-01 AbstractPdf, 224.3 kB. (Pdf, 224.3 kB)
    Bio and Key Ref.: SP-2006-01 Bio and Key ReferencesPdf, 92.9 kB. (Pdf, 92.9 kB)
  • Land, urban form and ecological footprint of transport: application of geo-information to measure transport related urban sustainability in developing countries with a case study of Ahmedabad, India
  • Project leader: Mark ZUIDGEEST
    Host organisation: ITC International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation, Enschede, The Netherlands
    Abstract: SP-2006-09 AbstractPdf, 358.2 kB. (Pdf, 358.2 kB)
    Bio, Key Ref. and List of Publications: SP-2006-09 Bio- KeyRef-list of PublicationsPdf, 156.1 kB. (Pdf, 156.1 kB)


  • Urban form, public transport and participatory planning: A Case Study of Dar-es-Salaam ,Tanzania
    Project leader: Annika CARLSSON-KANYAMA
    Host organisation: Dept of Industrial Ecology, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden


  • Causes of road traffic crashes in an urban setting in Kenya: implications for urban transport development
    Project leader: Wilson ODERO
    Host organisation: School of Public Health, Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya
  • Institutional and Technical Constraints in Planning for Sustainable Urban Transportation: A Case Study of Dar es Salaam ,Tanzania
    Project leader: Annika CARLSSON-KANYAMA
    Host organisation: Environmental Strategies Research Group, ESRG, FOI, Stockholm, Sweden