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Other Projects

  • Pedestrian-safe public transport systems: Infrastructure, operations, vehicles, policies, and legislation led by the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, with Prof. Geetam Tiwari as Project Leader
  • Public transport advocacy in African cities led by the Columbia University, New York, with Associate Research Scholar Jacqueline Klopp as Project Leader

Completed Projects

Special Projects -2006

  • In search of a mechanism for institutional co-ordination in the planning process: a strategy for improved public transportation in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Project leader: Ahmad KANYAMA
    Host organisation: Royal Institute of Technology, Dept of Urban Studies, School of Architecture and Built Environment, Stockholm, Sweden
    Abstract: SP-2006-01 AbstractPdf, 224.3 kB. (Pdf, 224.3 kB)
    Bio and Key Ref.: SP-2006-01 Bio and Key ReferencesPdf, 92.9 kB. (Pdf, 92.9 kB)
  • Land, urban form and ecological footprint of transport: application of geo-information to measure transport related urban sustainability in developing countries with a case study of Ahmedabad, India
  • Project leader: Mark ZUIDGEEST
    Host organisation: ITC International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation, Enschede, The Netherlands
    Web-site: www.itc.nl/PGM
    Abstract: SP-2006-09 AbstractPdf, 358.2 kB. (Pdf, 358.2 kB)
    Bio, Key Ref. and List of Publications: SP-2006-09 Bio- KeyRef-list of PublicationsPdf, 156.1 kB. (Pdf, 156.1 kB)

Special Projects-2004

  • Urban form, public transport and participatory planning: A Case Study of Dar-es-Salaam ,Tanzania
    Project leader: Annika CARLSSON-KANYAMA
    Host organisation: Dept of Industrial Ecology, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

Special Projects-2002

  • Causes of road traffic crashes in an urban setting in Kenya: implications for urban transport development
    Project leader: Wilson ODERO
    Host organisation: School of Public Health, Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya
  • Institutional and Technical Constraints in Planning for Sustainable Urban Transportation: A Case Study of Dar es Salaam ,Tanzania
    Project leader: Annika CARLSSON-KANYAMA
    Host organisation: Environmental Strategies Research Group, ESRG, FOI, Stockholm, Sweden