Mobility and Access in African Cities (MAC)

The MAC program seeks to contribute to forming a new generation of highly skilled sub-Saharan university researchers and teachers, as well as to engage professionals, policy makers and actors within civil society who are committed to achieving the goals of sustainable and equitable urban mobility and access.

Leading international experts can also contribute to the program through collaborative research projects with their sub-Saharan African counterparts.

Within its geographical focus area, the intended outcomes of the MAC program are:

  1. Increased capacity for research and education in urban access and mobility.
  2. New locally situated and cross-disciplinary knowledge that can provide solutions and innovation for urban mobility and access.
  3. Knowledge that is communicated and reaches through to public decision-makers, business managers, opinion leaders, students, media and other agents of change.

The program encompasses six core themes that have strong relevance for achieving sustainable and equitable urban mobility and access in sub-Saharan Africa:

  • Theme 1: User Needs and Practices, Equity Issues
  • Theme 2: Governance, Politics, Institutions and Finance
  • Theme 3: Emerging Business Models and Service Options
  • Theme 4: Safety, Health and the Urban Environment
  • Theme 5: System Design and Modal Integration
  • Theme 6: Analytical Tools

Funding, Publications, Research Projects: