Lee Schipper Scholarship 2022

Dr. Robert Ambunda and Ms. Lucia Game have been awarded the prestigious Lee Schipper Scholarship Award for transformative research proposals to challenge conventional wisdom.

VREF support the “Lee Schipper Memorial Scholarship for Sustainable Transport and Energy Efficiency” since 2018. The scholarship targets supporting the momentum of Lee Schipper’s contribution to the enrichment of the international policy dialogue in the fields of sustainable transport and energy efficiency. Lee Schipper, international physicist, researcher, musician and co-founder of EMBARQ (today the Urban Mobility program of the World Resources Institute (WRI) Ross Center for Sustainable Cities) inspired and shaped the thinking of a generation of students and professionals.

New tailored scholarship

In addition to the global award to a young researcher which have been awarded since 2012, in its third year a tailored scholarship supporting Africa researchers was announced and successfully awarded to a meritorious young researcher. The Scholarship, which provides funding support and mentoring advise, is aimed at expanding the contributions to research and policy dialogue in the field of sustainable transport and energy efficiency supporting young researcher’s initiatives, triggering and catalyzing transformative research and policy papers.

Present at Transforming Transportation

With the support of the WRI and the World Bank, both scholars will present their work at the Transforming Transportation 2023 conference to recognize and inspire future young researchers to shape the future of the transport sector. This year’s 2023 edition will be first time after the pandemic being in person. VREF congratulate the new scholars and thank the Schipper family, WRI, and other partners for their support. The call for the 2023 scholarships will be opened in December 2022. 


Scholarship #1 (Africa) 

Dr. Robert Ambunda is from Namibia and the third African scholar in the history of the Lee Schipper Scholarship. He is the lead researcher in the Mobility Lab, at the School of Engineering and the Built Environment, University of Namibia. His research interests include areas around transport policy, sustainable, resilient and equitable transport systems, transport modelling, climate change and adaptation, and road safety. His study aims to shift the mobility paradigm of Secondary Urban African Towns, by designing a series of intervention and policy approaches that support active and sustainable mobility.

Scholarship #2 (General)

Ms. Lucia Game is from Ecuador & United States. She is a recent graduate of U.C. Berkeley with a M.S. in Transportation Engineering and holds a B.S. in Systems Science and Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, USA. Her academic focus is on emerging technologies in transportation and their social and environmental impacts in developing countries. She is currently working as a Transportation Electrification research associate at Darcy Partners, a market intelligence firm serving the energy industry. Previously, Lucía worked at Via Transportation, one of the leading companies in Microtransit, where she worked on launching and operating projects across the USA adopting demand response technologies. Her research will focus on how emerging technologies, specifically demand-responsive tools, can help Latin American cities better leverage the informal transportation systems.