Removing barriers to disability-inclusive urban transport system (policies and regulations) in Accra and Nairobi (SITUATE-2)

Dept of Geography Education, Faculty of Social Sciences Education, University of Education, Winneba, Ghana.

EP-2022-MAC-05, PhD Sam, Enoch F.


Nearly 80% of the world’s 1 billion persons with disabilities (PWDs) are in developing countries. Most PWDs are socially excluded and do not receive the necessary disability-related services because of how these societies are structured. This study, SITUATE-2, seeks to build on the previous findings (i.e., challenges and policy-practice lapses) to unearth implementation barriers and challenges through a stakeholder-led approach for attention and redress. Aspects of the study will involve action research, where the team members serve as facilitators between PWDs and policy makers/ implementers/ planners to kick start some identifiable solutions. The proposed study, SITUATE-2, will engage identifiable stakeholders in the operation, management, and regulation of urban transport services in the two cities to address Theme 1: User Needs and Practices, Equity Issues, and Theme 3: Governance, Politics, Institutions and Finance. The action research approach will be accompanied by narrative and discursive methods to stimulate experiential and social learning to combine research inquiry and planned action.