Co-design laboratories for public transport information in African cities

Centre for Transport Development, University of Pretoria, South Africa.

EP-2022-MAC-04, Prof. Venter, Christo


This project proposes to use information on public transport as a lens through which to explore participatory approaches to designing transport systems that work for people. It builds on an existing MAC project that is laying the theoretical and empirical foundations for understanding how passengers need, use, and share information when travelling. We take the next step by asking how we can design and implement solutions, be they static, dynamic, digital, or analogue, that are adapted to the realities of African cities and users. We will create four laboratory spaces located in South Africa and Uganda, in which we will explore the use of co-design approaches with different goals and user groups. Direct outcomes will be an enhanced understanding of appropriate use of ICT and other information channels in African cities’ transport systems. More importantly, we believe the learnings around how to involve users, operators, and planners to solve problems in African cities through participatory co-design approaches will be the most important outcome of this project.