Exploring strategies for enhancing poor women’s mobility and access to boda boda (Motorcycle) taxi services in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam

Kenyatta University, School of Education, Nairobi, Kenya.

EP-2022-MAC-06, Dr. Wawire, Violet K.


Due to urban population growth, poor city planning and poverty, urban poor women in major African cities have been marginalized from formal transport systems comprising private cars and taxis. Yet, they are still required to perform multiple reproductive and productive roles on a daily basis entailing taking children and family members to school and hospital, doing household chores and engaging in economic activities. Yet, the informal motorized transport modes like buses, three wheelers and motorcycle taxis still remain inaccessible to most of them due to cost, flexibility and safety issues. The growing boda boda transport sector in Nairobi and Dar Salaam presents a viable mobility and accessibility mode given its flexibility and door to door service. However, its safety risks and the higher costs in comparison to buses seem to make it less attractive for some women. Unfortunately, there is limited data on the usability and access to boda boda transport by women in urban centers in East Africa that would be used to streamline the sector and make it more gender friendly and accessible to poor women. This information would be used to engender the existing and future programs like the safeboda program, boda boda association activities and government policies initiatives. Drawing from existing policy, interventions and empirical data of the challenges pull factors and usability patterns of poor urban women in Nairobi and Dar Salaam, the current study aims to fill this gap. It will explore strategies for enhancing poor women’s mobility and access to Boda boda (Motorcycle) taxi services in Nairobi and Dar-salaam through a survey, FGDs, and Key Informant interviews with key boda boda stakeholder. The data will be disseminated through a stakeholder meeting, policy brief and journal article publications.