Meeting the Mobility Needs of the Elderly in Selected Cities in Nigeria and Uganda

EP-2021-MAC-06, Chinebuli Uzondu, Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO), Nigeria


  • D Paul Mukwaya – Makerere University (MU), Uganda
  • Simon Patrick Obi – GreenLight Initiative, Nigeria


Inclusive mobility is an important initiative to directly consider everyone (without reservations) in the initial stages of designing and development of transport and mobility services. Unfortunately, available evidence suggests that not much work has been done regarding the mobility needs and safety of the elderly in our society. It has been observed that there is little or no mobility safety policies for elderly people in Africa, which should compel urban developers and transport planners to put key and special consideration during designs. This could be attributed to the unavailability of information and studies about the mobility needs, behaviours, and pattern for the elderly people. It is perceived to have further hampered the safety and accessibility of mobility for the elderly people.

The proposed project integrates a myriad of methods including but not limited to multi-stakeholder dialogues, key informant interviews, reviews of relevant data sets and information to:

  • (1) profile and determine the travel patterns and mobility needs of the elderly people,
  • (2) examine the key barriers/obstacles, fears and identities that affect active mobility of the elderly; and
  • (3) suggest planning recommendations to improve mobility of the elderly in the selected cities in Nigeria and Uganda.

This is an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of an issue that little is known about yet poses a serious concern. This project will provide a suitable background for policy makers to begin to address these concerns and identify the next steps that are required for a comprehensive strategy to improve the availability of transportation for this population in Nigeria, Uganda and other developing countries. Additionally, it will address the issues of transport inequities and exclusions and effects of these on the travel behaviour of the elderly.