How to communicate your research – watch recording from MAC NextGen Research Forum with Gabi Nudelman

On 27 September Gabi Nudelman was invited to present at MAC NextGen research forum, and share her insights on how to communicate your research and reach a wider impact. It was a highly appreciated session and if you couldn’t make it, we recommend watching the recording and Gabi Nudelmanns slides! To be found below.

Gabi Nudelman has long and extensive experience as a communication skills trainer and researcher.

The session covered various aspects including: 

  • Structuring presentations for clarity
  • Telling your research “story”
  • Tailoring your presentation for different audiences
  • Using visual aids for impact

 Whether your goal is to convey complex ideas to non-specialists or engage effectively with your academic peers, watching this Forum will help to empower you to be an influential and compelling communicator of your research.

This Research Forum is the third virtual forum within the VREF “Mobility & Access in African Cities” (MAC) series that is specifically targeted at young SSA scholars.