Using a Peer Research Methodology to Investigate Children’s Mobility Challenges in Secondary Cities in Ghana and Liberia: A Comparative Study of Cape Coast and Ganta

(WK-2023-EP-2)Project Leader: Jack JenkinsDept of Anthropology, Durham University, South Road, Durham, UK. Partners: Abstract This project investigates children’s daily mobility challenges in two secondary cites in West Africa – Cape Coast, Ghana and Ganta, Liberia. Using participatory peer research methods, children aged 9-18 will be trained as co-researchers to explore children’s walking experiences in growing

Children and Adolescents’ Everyday Walking: Experiences and Practices from an Intersectional Perspective

EP-2022-WK-06Project leader: Karen S. CuevasNGO La Reconquista Peatonal, University of Chile, Chile Partners: Abstract Children and adolescents’ walking practices are influenced by their specific experiences, which differ from adults, and are grounded on context and culture. However, widespread adultist assumptions have caused a gap of knowledge on the walking experiences and practices of children and