New Study on Informal and Shared Mobility in India

Dear colleagues in the VREF Community, Welcome to join a combined Research Forum and launch of our new report ”Informal and Shared Mobility (ISM): Status and Opportunities in India”. The launch takes place 17 January 2024 and is an opportunity for you to know more about this report, meet the researchers and peer-reviewers involved and get connected to future initiatives and activities!

Informal and Shared Mobility (ISM) is an umbrella term encompassing a diverse range of mobility options characterised by their informal and semi-formal regulatory nature and the sharing of vehicles or services among multiple commuters in urban and peri-urban areas in India. 

This report aims to provide a holistic understanding and the state-of-the-art of India’s various informal and shared mobility modes and services. Our primary objective is identifying policy and research gaps to facilitate more efficient, evidence-based policy-making processes.  Joining this launch is also a great way for you to let us at VREF know that you are interested in ISM research – and it will give you the opportunity to join future activities for VREF’s community on informal and shared mobility. Welcome!


DATE: 17 January
TIME: 10.00-12.00 AM GMT


Welcome and Introduction
Henrik Nolmark, VREF Director
Holger Dalkman, VREF Strategic Advisor ISM

Presentation on the report and main findings
Rutul Joshi
Pranjali Deshpande

Opening Comments from the invited experts
Anumita Roy Chaudhuri 
Tanu Priya Uteng
Ravi Gadepalli

Open discussion with other invited guests 
Moderated by Holger Dalkmann 

Next steps and how to stay involved
Complementary and future activities in the VREF ISM Program – Henrik Nolmark and Holger Dalkmann.

Closing remarks

Do you have questions about this event or about the VREF ISM program? Don’t hesitate to contact


VREF has since 2021 organized a series of research-based webinars (called Research Forum) to enable scholars to present their work to colleagues from various parts of the VREF community. We are pleased that the series has been well-received as an opportunity for scholars in transport and mobility studies to share their work, get to know each other, and build networks.The purpose of the Research Forums within the ISM program  is:to stimulate scientific discussion of specific issues/themes related to sustainable urban mobility and equitable access, with a focus on Informal and Shared Mobility in Low and Middle Income Countriesto provide an opportunity for scholars to present and discuss their on-going work with research colleagues, and promote a growing ISM community to provide a meeting place for dialogue and exchange among researchers and other stakeholders within the ISM community Each Research Forum will consist of presentations , followed by short questions, inputs and clarifications about the project (discussant/panelists) and a general discussion that includes all participants.