Research Forum on Intersectional Approaches to Research on Walking

Dear colleagues in the VREF Community! Welcome to join our next online Research Forum within VREF:s Walking as a Mode of Transport program (Walking).

Intersectional approaches in transport research offer a potential to discern and understand how social categorizations such as a person’s class, gender, ability, age, etc. can interconnect and have differing meanings and implications in specific(urban) environments and every-day situations. Intersectionality is increasingly being used in research to understand the needs and vulnerabilities of different groups of pedestrians, as well as to inform inclusive urban design and planning.

This VREF Research Forum offers presentations and discussions of two projects in the Walking as a Mode of Transport Program dealing with intersectionality and walking.


DAY: 22 November
TIME: 01.00-02.30 PM GMT


Moderator: Maja Karoline Rynning, The Institute of Transport Economics, Norway

Welcome and introduction: Henrik Nolmark, VREF director  


Children’s and Adolescents’ everyday walking: experiences and perspectives from an intersectional perspective”
Presenter: Karen Seaman Cuevas, La Reconquista Peatonal & Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile
Discussant: TBA

”Developing an intersectional equity framework to support walkability transitions” 
Presenter: Derlie Mateo-Babiano, The University of Melbourne, Australia
Discussant: TBA

Plenary Discussion

Welcome to join us on Wednesday 22 November at 01.00-02.30 PM GMT!


Since 2021 VREF has launched a series of research-based webinars called Research Forums, where scholars are given the opportunity to present their work to colleagues from various parts of the VREF community.  We are pleased that the initiative has been well-received as an opportunity for scholars in transport and mobility studies to share their work, get to know each other, and build networks.

The purpose of the Research Forums within the program Walking as a Mode of Transport is:

  • to stimulate scientific discussion of specific issues/themes related to sustainable urban mobility and equitable access, with a focus on Walking as a Mode of Transport
  • to provide an opportunity for project teams to present and discuss their on-going work with research colleagues within the Walking community
  • to provide a meeting place for dialogue and exchange among researchers and other stakeholders within the Walking community

Each Research Forum consist of presentations of on-going work in specific projects, followed by short questions, inputs and clarifications about the project  by a discussant, and a general discussion where all participants are invited to participate.