Online MAC Research Forum for NextGen Scholars

Save The Date NextGen Scholars in the VREF Community! We hope to see you 21 June, at the next MAC Research Forum specifically for Next Generation Scholars in mobility and access, where we will focus on:

Navigating the publication process: praxis, pitfalls and pathways

DATE: Wednesday 21 June 2023
TIME: 11.00 – 13.00 PM GMT


For young scholars, the process of writing up, submitting and publishing the results of their scholarly research in international journals can be daunting and raises many questions, issues and challenges. What distinguishes scholarly research from other forms of knowledge, and why do the differences matter when considering publication strategies? What ethical guidelines are essential to follow when submitting one’s work? Why and how can different strategies for citing and being cited be important to consider from a long-term perspective? 
The purpose of this Research Forum is to discuss challenges, issues and strategies for young African scholars when preparing scientific articles for publication, including:

  • the nature of scientific publication
  • ethics and professionalism in scientific publication
  • authorship
  • selecting a journal 
  • the writing process
  • submitting an article 
  • the rejection, revisions and acceptance phase
The Forum will provide a platform for sharing and discussing ideas, perspectives and experiences on the following issues (topics for our breakout sessions): possible publication pathways: how to get started, what works, and what doesn’t?citing and getting cited: what are the strategies for “getting seen”, and what are experiences of these strategies?strategies for publishing in low (library) resources, highly competitive research environments This Research Forum is the second virtual forum within the VREF “Mobility & Access in African Cities” (MAC) series that is specifically targeted at young SSA scholars.
Welcome and introduction: Jane Summerton and Vanessa Duarte, VREF
Moderators: Paschalin Basil, University of Nairobi and Robert Ambunda, University of Namibia
“Navigating the publication process: praxis, pitfalls and pathways”
Speaker: Mark Zuidgeest, Center for Transport Studies, University of Cape Town; also associate editor for Journal of Transport Geography.
Mark Zuidgeest has long and extensive experience as an author, reviewer and editor of scholarly work for international publication, particularly within transport and mobility studies. 

Breakout sessions (discussions in small groups) 

Plenary discussion among all participants 
Welcome to join us on 21 June 11:00 – 13:00 GMT!Sincerely, 
Jane Summerton, VREF Scientific Advisor
Karin Henriksson, VREF Communications Officer

Since 2021, the VREF Mobility & Access in African Cities (MAC) program has carried out a series of virtual seminars under the title VREF MAC Research Forum. The seminars focus on recent or ongoing research on issues related to sustainable mobility and equitable access in Sub-Saharan African (SSA) cities.
The purpose of the Research Forum is:to stimulate scientific discussion of specific issues/themes related to sustainable urban mobility and equitable access in SSA;to provide an opportunity for MAC researchers to present and discuss their on-going work with research colleagues within the MAC community;to provide a meeting place for dialogue and exchange among researchers and other stakeholders within the MAC community. 
The Research Forum on 21 June is the second in the series “MAC Research Forums for Next Generation Scholars.”

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