First ISM Research Forum!

Welcome to join us for the first Research Forum within the ISM program – where we will focus on:

Connecting Informal Transport to the Climate Agenda: Key Opportunities for Action

Informal transport – from motorcycle taxis to buses – is a key pillar of transport systems in many lower-income countries around the world. However, there has been little attention paid to the sector’s impact on climate change and the potential opportunities for decarbonization. The World Resource Institute (WRI) recently conducted a study on the current state of knowledge and policy action in the informal transport sector, identifying areas that require attention for transport decarbonization. 

The purpose of this research forum is to share the key findings from the WRI report and discuss with key global experts in transport and climate change the pathways to enhancing policy action and closing the knowledge gaps related to the informal transport sector.  

Presentation by: Iman Abubaker, WRI Africa

More information about the Research Forum will follow soon.