Invitation to apply for study visit grants

Released date: 211227

The VREF invites PhD students and researchers at early stages of their careers (max 5 years after PhD exam) to apply for grants for short-term study visits. The invitation is continuously open until October 31st, 2022, and the study visit should be carried out before December 31st, 2022. The VREF wishes to have a broad distribution of grants between universities, thus in the first half of 2022 (up to 30 June 2022) a maximum of one (1) grant will be awarded to the same home university.

The invitation is open for:

  1. Research teams which are supported by the VREF Future Urban Transport (FUT) Program,
  2. PhD students and early stage researchers from a Swedish University, University College or Research Institute to visit a research team supported by the VREF FUT Program,
  3. Recipients of the Lee Schipper Memorial Scholarship, if recommended by the Lee Schipper Scholarship Board, to visit a research team supported by the VREF FUT Program.

VREF invests in programs and projects with the following mission:

  • To support the development of new knowledge on ideas and solutions that can contribute to equitable access and sustainable urban transport;
  • To support the development of educational and outreach programs in the area of equitable access and sustainable urban transport;
  • To contribute to the dissemination and implementation of research findings among both university researchers, practitioners, decision makers and other relevant stakeholders;
  • To support demonstration projects/examples and change processes.

The overall objectives of the SVG are:

  • to strengthen interaction within the VREF FUT Program Network;
  • to strengthen interaction between the VREF network and Swedish universities; and
  • to provide an opportunity for PhD students and early stage researchers to get an added value of being part of the VREF FUT Program Network

The SVG should be used for a study visit to:

  1. a Centre of Excellence (CoE) which is supported by the VREF FUT Program, or
  2. a research project team which is supported by the VREF FUT Program, or
  3. a Swedish university (with the exception of PhD students and early stage researchers at Swedish university, university college or research institute).

The study visit should be related to the work program for the VREF supported CoE/project or Lee Schipper Scholarship. Both the home university and the host university for the visit should confirm the arrangement. Within four weeks after the study visit, a summarizing Study Visit Report should be submitted to VREF. VREF strongly recommends the parties involved in a study visit (i.e. the home institution, the host institution and the applicant) to produce a tangible output of the study visit, e.g. a jointly written conference paper.

Each individual grant is limited to maximum of 30 000 SEK.

The grant should be used to cover costs in direct relation to the study visit, i.e. travel costs, accommodation costs and other direct costs, e.g. material supply costs. Salary cost, meals and/or per diem will not be covered by the grant. Each applicant can only be awarded one SVG in the same year, and priority will be given to applicants who have not previously received a VREF SVG.

For more information about the application process, please, download the document in the “Completing infoPdf, 249.1 kB. (Pdf, 249.1 kB)” prior to sending your application to the VREF secretariat.

Travel restrictions

VREF will respect existing rules and regulations regarding travel restrictions (particularly regarding international travel) due to the current COVID19 pandemic.

Based on these restrictions, VREF will reserve its right to approve travel applications during the pandemic. In 2022, and with reference to current international travel restrictions, VREF is willing to waive the requirement that mobility grants will only be awarded for visits to universities in countries outside the country in which the applicant is based.

VREF will thus consider applications for mobility grants to visit other universities *within the same country* in which the applicant is based.