Applications open for Lee Schipper Memorial Scholarship

Looking for an opportunity to catalyze sustainable, people-centered urban mobility? The Lee Schipper Memorial Scholarship wants to help you transform ideas into reality.

The Schipper family, the World Resources Institute’s Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, and Volvo Research and Education Foundations are pleased to announce that applications are now open for the 2023 Lee Schipper Memorial Scholarship for Sustainable Transport and Energy Efficiency.

The Scholarship, provided jointly by the Schipper Family and WRI, will award two extraordinary candidates up to US$10,000 each to advance transformative research in efficient and sustainable transport. In addition, a young researcher from Africa will be awarded an additional US$10,000 for the fourth consecutive year.

Dr. Leon J. Schipper (“Lee” or “Mr. Meter”) was a co-founder of EMBARQ, WRI’s Sustainable Mobility Program, who dedicated his professional life to the efficient use of energy in mobility. An international physicist, researcher, and studied musician, Lee was a giant in the energy efficiency field. This scholarship celebrates his vision and the bold challenges to conventional wisdom he gave to the field.

2022 scholars Robert Ambunda and Lucía Game will present their research at the Transforming Transportation conference on March 15, 2023.